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Meet Erica

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“Detours can obstruct your vision and keep you a little further from your purpose. The thing that we must understand tho is this... The Detours are hard but they are Necessary for the Journey.” These are the words written in a popular StagePlay called Detours by Erica Jackson. Erica is no stranger to the  Detours of this life. Her Detours have caused her to experience low self-esteem, low self confidence, and insecurities. She always had dreams of writing a play, creating an Empowerment Conference, being a Life Coach, and so much more! However, these insecurities prevented her from doing so for 14 years! During this time, she learned that God had to MANIFEST some things within her! Now she is ready to help YOU do the same! 


This is what led Erica to become the Founder/CEO of Ephesians 6 Productions. Her goal is to Empower, Inspire, and Motivate others to walk in their purpose. Erica specializes in writing, acting, directing,  speaking, and planning conferences and creative workshops. Her StagePlay Detours has most recently been nominated for Inspirational Play of the Year. She is also available for Business Consulting, Youth Leadership Coaching and Empowerment Coaching. 

Erica has a Bachelors in Social Services and a Masters in Leadership. Her degrees give her the knowledge needed to counsel and coach others, allowing them to walk in Purpose. Her motto is: “Everything attached to me wins! In short... If I win... you win too!!”

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